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Elevate Your Performance, Unleash Your Potential.

Mental Fitness for elite performers across domains!


At Neurobic Global, we are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of elite performers across diverse domains worldwide. Our innovative Digital First approach combines cutting-edge mental fitness tools rooted in neurobics theory and methods, enabling athletes, coaches, business leaders, politicians, actors, and more to elevate their performance to unprecedented levels. In today's highly competitive landscape, achieving peak performance requires more than just physical prowess or technical expertise. The true differentiator lies in harnessing the power of the mind and optimizing cognitive abilities. This is where Neurobic Global steps in, offering a transformative pathway to enhanced performance, creativity, and success.

meet the team

Studio portræt

Dr. PsyD.stud. Henrik selch

Dr. PsyD Stud, Henrik Selch, is the founder of our brand new Start Up, Neurobic Global. He is a renowned expert in the field of performance psychology, specializing in neurobic and stress response in high-performance environments. With an solid academic and clinical background, Henrik is now persuing a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, PsyD. from California Southern University, complemented by a Master's degree in Psychology and Social Science from AAU. As a seasoned neurobic consultant, Henrik has worked extensively with elite performers, including athletes, coaches, and teams, unlocking their mental potential and optimizing their performance on and off the field.

Dr. L

In Progress

Marathon Runners

    12 Week Intensive Program
    Gyldig i 3 måneder
    • Week 1: Comprehensive Neurobic Assesment
    • Week 2: Stress Response and Pre Frontal Cortex training
    • Week 3-9: Accelerate Learning for Optimal Performance
    • Week 10-11: Ignite Creativity and Innovative Thinking
    • Week 12: Neurobic Techniques and Achieve Peak Performance

    8 Week Program
    Gyldig i 8 uger
    • Elevating Elite Performance with Stress Response Training
    • Only suitable for elite performers with Neurobic Basic
    • Advanced Neurobic Assessment and Performance Analysis
    • Techniques for managing high-pressure situations
    • Stress Response Training: Optimizing Energy and Recovery
    • Mental Toughness and Emotional Regulation
    • Stress Inoculation: Embracing Challenges and Adversity
    • Optimal Performance Mindset: Cultivating Confidence and Flow
    • Integrated Performance Mastery and Sustainable Success



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James Reid

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